We help business owners and managers increase their customer numbers, grow their sales or improve their profitability.   Most owners either can't find the time to tackle their marketing or are struggling with what really works in today's market place.

Customers now find suppliers in a dramatically different way today! They are shopping without you – 80% of their research into a problem or purchase is through Google or their social network. They will not be contacting you directly! They no longer want to be “sold to” by a salesman and that’s why 85% of all cold calls go to answer phone never to be returned!

So a new approach for your business is needed.

Here Is How Blue Eden Can Help - We show you the 5 key areas you need to understand to effectively market and grow your business in today's market place:  

  • That there are only 3 ways to grow your business
  • Recognise that customers are shopping without you
  • Ensure your marketing message clearly benefits the customer
  • Discover the 8 second rule about your website
  • How to engage with social networking

Blue Eden offers help, advice or hands on support to help you understand and make the necessary changes and improvements to your marketing activities.  

We really enjoy what we do and would be delighted to talk to you about designing or redesigning your marketing activities.

  Call Blue Eden NOW on 01327 263906 send us an email or get your FREE Business Breakthrough Survey to pinpoint the profit increasing opportunities in your business!.